About the KnowledgePanel

KnowledgePanel is a new and innovative way to bring together the opinions and perspectives of people in the Sweden today.

Ipsos randomly selects people from around the country to invite them to become members of the KnowledgePanel. Members have the opportunity each month to take part in a few online polls and surveys. Every time members complete a survey, they gain points which they can exchange for vouchers.

Your opinions matter and we want to know what you think. You’ll be contributing to a number of research studies ranging from current events to health, work and much more.

You will help us understand the impact of current events and even shape policy. You will be asked to complete surveys for universities, public institutions, charitable foundations, government organisations and well-known companies.

Ipsos has a long and distinguished history in social and market research. We hope you can be part of it by signing up today and you can stop being a member at any time. To learn more about Ipsos you can visit our website.

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