Join KnowledgePanel

Your participation makes a difference - your participation in the panel will help us understand how the population of Sweden feels about various topics and trends. Our surveys are the foundation for decisions made by organizations, politicians, authorities and companies. We will send you a SEK 100 gift card if you join the panel and complete the initial survey. You get more gift cards by participating in surveys 2-5 times a month. All participation is completely voluntary!

What is the Knowledge Panel?

The Knowledge Panel consists of a random and representative sample of people in Sweden. A few times a month, the panel members are invited to participate in surveys to give us their opinions on the most important social issues of the moment. You will be invited to participate in community surveys from universities, organizations, media, authorities and well-known companies.

Why have I been selected?

You are randomly selected from the population register and the invitation is personal. We have invited a limited selection of people to the panel. No one else can replace your participation. You have been randomly selected to statistically ensure that our surveys are of the highest quality.